Unleashing Impact with Visual Communication

MS Ventures capitalizes on high-value opportunities and gives voice to the disruptors whose bold vision will shape our future.



pre-IPO client partners



in capital transfers facilitated



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market cap of sustainability clients



union members’ interests protected

New Perspective

We combine deep impact expertise and visual communication to address this generation’s most pressing challenges.
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Capital Raise Presentations

  • Product Prospectus Design
  • Pitch Deck Consulting
  • Venture Pitch Deck Development
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Branding and Visual Development

  • Vertical Research and Positioning
  • Strategic Brand Development
  • Brand Deployment Toolkit
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Financial Modeling

  • Quantitative Analysis
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Project Planning
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  • Executive Thought Leadership
  • Narrative and Message Strategy
  • Corporate Message Hierarchy
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Keynote Speechwriting

  • Keynote Creative
  • World-Class Speechwriting
  • End-to-End Sales Solution
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Corporate Presentations

  • Master Corporate Presentations
  • Global Sales Deck
  • Presentation Training
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Media Monitoring

  • Live Tracking and Reporting
  • Engagement Analysis
  • Social Impact Measurement
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Social Media Storytelling

  • Social Media Video Production
  • Dynamic Media for Mobile Consumers
  • Strategic Visual Design
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Visual Storytelling

  • Brand Book Design
  • Website Design & Development
  • Synamic Sizzle video Production
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Storytelling with Data

  • Dashboard Development
  • Data Analysis
  • Discrete Intelligence
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Strategic Communications

  • Editorial Strategy
  • Thought Leadership Writing
  • Press Release Development

Digital Advocacy

  • Campaign Social Media Strategy
  • Multi-Prong Email Strategy
  • Surrogate and Supporters Toolkit
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Discrete Intelligence

  • Survey Strategy
  • Polling (Mobile + App)
  • Issue and Target Vetting
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Advanced Digital Marketing

  • Social Media Advertising
  • Geofence Targeting
  • Device ID Targeting
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We believe the future is defined by those who win today. It takes a team that exceeds expectations, reciprocates trust and pursues constant growth.
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